Adele’s “Record of the Year” win prompted more than 10,000 tweets to be published per second.

Need a break from the memes? Let’s talk about some social news from the past few days – which also happened to be Social Media Week!

G+ is still flexing it’s muscles. Marketing exec Jason John of Gilt Groupe presented during Social Media Week, saying that Gilt needs to take the social platform seriously if they want to survive in the world of SEO discovery. Google’s “Search Plus Your World” feature is a bit controversial; it favors results from brands that use the platform. It’s introduction is shifting many a social media department’s strategy.

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Our marketing team’s favorite, Adele, made her mark on Twitter this week. After winning “Record of the Year” at Sunday night’s Grammy Awards, Twitter saw more than 10,000 tweets per second come in. Social played a huge role in bringing in a TV audience this year, and it completely smashed previous social media records. The number of social media comments at the Grammys was more than four times the second most-talked-about entertainment event, last year’s MTV Video Music Awards, which beat viewers over the head in promoting social conversation.

It also put Madonna’s halftime show to shame, but – ahem – she seemed to do a decent job of doing that herself. You can read more about social and the Grammys on Twitter’s blog.

People are still tweeting things that get them in trouble, like this NHL hockey player who is suspended for two games, or this gent from CNN who was suspended after a Super Bowl tweet. Remember, watch what you tweet! (And hopefully people will learn soon enough.)

Bonus for Presidents Day in the U.S.: I was so pumped to stumble upon the POTUS motorcade driving through San Francisco this week. It looked like President Obama was on his iPad. Perhaps he was creating his next Spotify playlist? (Or balancing the budget, or whatever.)

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