On February 1st we’re moving to our brand-new office, here in San Francisco. And while we were packing up our boxes, we thought it would be a good time to take some inventory and give you a look into how we’re doing. 2010 has been an amazing year for Eventbrite—full of thrilling milestones. Check out these key metrics of success:

  • Gross ticket sales in 2010: $206,899,900.29
  • Events posted on Eventbrite in 2010: 222,353
  • Tickets sold in 2010: 11,004,743
  • Ratio of tickets sold, to stars in the Milky Way: 11:200,000
  • Cities represented in our 2010 event listings: 9,370
  • Countries represented in our 2010 event listings: 147
  • Orange cups purchased for the Eventbrite kitchen: 36
  • Average monthly page views in 2010: 17,224,232
  • Most-trafficked month in 2010: October, with 6,738,155 unique visitors
  • Games of Connect Four played in the Eventbrite office in 2010: 186
  • Bags of candy purchased for the candy bowl in 2010: 92

Thanks to all of the musicians, runners, lecturers, bakers, students, fund-raisers, techies, foodies, party-goers, crafty-types, and explorers who make up the Eventbrite community. Here’s to another year of getting together!

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