This is the first in a four-part series exploring New Year’s Eve events on Eventbrite. The events profiled have been selected as a winner of our No Compromises contest, in which hosting an event on Dec. 31 qualifies you to win $2012 to start the New Year. We select a winner every Monday in December; sell your first ticket today for your chance to win!

Mekhla Stanton often finds herself at the grocery store, strolling up and down the aisles, taking her time to carefully place each of her listed items in the cart. It’s not that Stanton has a hard time navigating the store, or that she has difficulty making decisions between apples and oranges. It’s that she’s doing the chore with her 18-month-old child.

“Family time is so hard to come across,” Stanton said. “I make sure I enjoy the time I spend with them, even if it’s just grocery shopping.”

The “Locks of Fame” show brings innovative hair to a makeshift runway, welcoming 2012 with style.

This is the motivation behind Stanton’s New Year’s Eve event, “Blue Moon”. She has spent a number of New Year’s Eves in the Washington, D.C. area, but, now with her toddler, knows that there are not many events that are ideal for families. So, she created one.

“Many of my friends make the New Year’s resolution to spend more time with their families,” Stanton said. “We want our event to inspire that.”

Whether the guest is a grandchild or grandparent, Stanton and her team from Trend Setter Kreations are working to create an environment where everyone experiences something great together. There’s a pirate-themed magic show for the little ones, a “Locks of Fame” hair fashion show, a two-part murder mystery game, a dance, a best-dressed contest, and a rise of the “Blue Moon” celebration at midnight.

For our next magic trick, we’ll be turning 2011 into 2012. Happy New Year!

With so many features to the event, the team is buzzing to finalize the details. Their efforts, however, call for even bigger plans on January 1.

“I’m going to take them all out for a nice dinner so we can celebrate 2012 together,” Stanton said. “Oh, and bring my family along, too.”

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