As an event planner, you know how tricky it can be to turn potential attendees into actual ticket-buyers. That’s why we’ve packed your Eventbrite registration page with tools for converting browsers into signups. We bet there are a few tricks even the savviest planners haven’t considered, so we thought we’d put together our list of 5 simple ways to increase conversion from the registration page. Enjoy—and add your own tips in the comments!

1) Include the event agenda and key info in your event details

It sounds obvious, but sometimes you spend so much time thinking about your event that you forget the potential attendee might not know the first thing. Concrete details are the name of the game: What’s the event schedule? What speakers will be appearing? Using our map tool and adding some enticing graphics (more on that here) will also help attendees visualize themselves at the event. And help them, you know… figure out how to get there.

2) Use Eventbrite’s credit card processing

Potential attendees experience a few major advantages when you use credit card processing instead of PayPal or Google Checkout. First, they never have to leave your event page when buying their ticket, which removes an obstacle to the sale and speeds up the process. If they stick around the site they’re also more likely to use our event-sharing features. Do those differences add up? You bet: Organizers who use our credit card processing see a 20% higher attendee conversion rate.

3) Ask only important questions of attendees

It’s important to remember that when a potential attendee is on your registration page, you’re really in a battle for their time. If you waste it by adding too much info or asking unnecessary questions, they’re far less likely to complete the signup process. Asking questions is a great tool—if you stick to the ones that matter.

4) Use cascading ticket types

Staggering your ticket types into “early bird,” “regular” and “last call” is a great way to reward early signups and add to the sense of urgency for potential attendees. No one wants to postpone signup if they’ll get a better deal now. And we’ve made this really easy to do in the Eventbrite system. Check out this recent post to learn more about how to use the feature, which we call “cascading tickets.”

5) Make the attendee list public

Here’s a great way to ensure that a user will sign up for your event today: Let them see the names of friends and colleagues who already have! Eventbrite makes this a snap. Just scroll down to the bottom of your Edit page and check the box for “Show attendee list on the registration page.” Potential attendees will then be able to view everyone who’s signed up—and they won’t want to miss out on the action.

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