We often get asked, “What can I do to kick-start ticket sales or registrations?” Sometimes selling those first few tickets is the hardest part. The good news is that you don’t have to sit back and wait for the sales to come. There are a bunch of simple ways to get proactive, and we’ve structured Eventbrite to make these options readily available. Here’s a list of 10 things you can do right now to get those ticket numbers climbing. We’re confident you’ll be selling out in no time!

1. Make use of widgets Eventbrite lets you embed your ticket form in helpful spots like a website or blog. You can also use countdown widgets and calendar widgets. Check out the ones to the left! Learn more here.

2. Publish to Facebook Publishing your event to Facebook gives your event great visibility among your friends and colleagues. It also allows them to publicize it to their friends. You can also publish to your Facebook fan page if you have one.

3. Post to Twitter As with Facebook, not only does Twitter get your event in front of your network, it allows followers to quickly spread it to their networks. Here’s how. Also consider creating a hashtag—like #DowntownMusicFest—to focus pre-event buzz.

4. Send email invitations Eventbrite makes it easy to send customized email invites, and to import existing contact lists. Here’s how.

5. Make sure your event is set to public At the bottom of any event’s Edit page, you can make your event visible on the Eventbrite directory and on the Internet. Make sure you do, so potential attendees can find it!

6. Classify and tag your events Also under Edit, you have the option to “classify and tag” your event, which is how it will stand out in searches. Here’s why this is so helpful.

7. Buy keywords Investing even as little as $20 in search engine marketing can help your event stand out on Google searches. Get started here.

8. Create discount codes Everyone loves a bargain. Eventbrite makes it easy to create discount codes for your event. Take a look.

9. Create badges Try sticking a custom event badge on your blog and asking readers to post it elsewhere—on their own blogs, on Facebook, etc. Social media guru Charlene Li says it’s a great way to spread the word.

10. Find and reach out to potential attendee communities in social media Whatever your event type, here are probably groups on Facebook or LinkedIn already chatting about how much they’d love to go to a gathering just like yours. Seek them out and let them know about it!

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