While Eventbrite powers events around the world, there is a powerful force behind Eventbrite, and she is Julia Hartz. As our co-founder and president this shrewd blond has been driving the vision and strategy of Eventbrite since the very beginning. We could gush about her stunning intellect, leadership abilities, magnetic personality, and entrepreneurial savvy, but suffice it to say that she she brings a passion for our business that is contagious and has that je ne sais quoi that  inspires us all to do better than we ever thought we could.

So raise a glass to our fearless leader and please vote for Eventbrite in the Girls In Tech Catalyst Competition on Vator.tv, a competition that awards recognition to women-led start-ups. Give Julia Hartz the honor of presenting all the great work that she and Eventbrite have accomplished over the last few years. We hope to see you at the Girls In Tech Catalyst Conference.

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