Eventbrite currently has over 7,000 endurance events on our platform. Thanks to the rapid rise of themed runs and obstacle challenges, that number is quickly growing.

So what exactly are themed runs and obstacle challenges? Well, you’ve probably seen pictures of your friends racing in ridiculous costumes, running covered in mud or dodging zombies. Themed runs and obstacle challenges add an extra level of fun to the run to attract traditional racers, but also open up the market to a much broader audience: those who want to work out and compete with a few friends and a little levity. By making races social (and sometimes silly) events, more people are willing to give them a go. A lot of people, in fact.

In the past year alone, Eventbrite has seen the number of obstacle challenges on our platform increase by 136%, and the number of themed runs on the platform increase by 100%.

Estimated as a $250M industry today, obstacle challenges and themed runs are quickly and undeniably gaining traction around the world. And even better for endurance organizers: past racers tend to come back for more.

Nearly 50% of people who have participated in obstacle challenges and themed runs plan on participating again in the next year.

This week Eventbrite released more stats like these as part of an study that looked at what motivates people to participate in this new genre of endurance events. One of the findings we found particularly interesting and bodes well for race directors using Eventbrite is the impact of social media in all of this.

1 in 5 people are inspired to participate in obstacle challenges and themed runs when they see friends and family share photos and information from these events on Facebook and Twitter.

Endurance Infographic Final


For all of the facts and figures behind the phenomenon, make sure to check out our latest press release.