Jerod and I have been fist-bumping, back-slapping, and shooting off confetti poppers in our enthusiasm for the Global Citizen Festival on September 29th. (If you missed our first video, don’t stress, you can catch it right here!) We know that if we want to get to New York City, we need to get cracking on our education.

Fortunately, the Global Poverty Project is helping people like us who want to get involved, and learn more about this multi-faceted and important subject. Their Global Citizen platform collects interesting articles, videos, and comment boards for sharing thoughts and ideas.

It’s never been so easy to get active! Here are some of our recommendations to get started:

1. Africa is poor and 5 other myths 

2. Education can help end child marriage 

3. Ending Extreme Poverty … in a Generation

4. What is a Global Citizen?

For those of you that have already begun the learning process, let us know what your favorite articles have been, and stay tuned for the next leg of our journey!

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