Now that summer is upon us, we’re excited about heading off to the farmer’s markets on sunny Saturday mornings and having friends over for outdoor barbeques. Even more exciting is the prospect of finally mastering backyard grilling, or taking the time for that photography class, or ramping up a small business with a refined pitch.

Discovering and learning new skills this summer is what we’re all about. From classes geared to get you in shape for the summer to getting down to business with entrepreneurship and professional development, we’ll be highlighting classes and workshops each week so you can get in on the action!

Our Event Evangelists are picking out the most interesting and exciting learning opportunities all summer long in SF, LA, DC, Chicago, Boston and NYC, or if you’re not in one of these cities check out our class directory for classes near you.

Share your knowledge and inspire others
Surprised to see that there are so many classes to choose from on Eventbrite? People like you across the country are already using Eventbrite to host classes. It’s that easy.

Pasta Rolling Class with Viola Buitoni during Zagat and Eventbrite’s, “Taste & Learn with SF’s Best”

Now is the time to dust off your teacher’s hat. Share your expert gardening tips that your friends have been asking about or reveal your amazing video editing skills. Every one of us has knowledge to impart and the community you can build through shared learning is yours for the taking.

Whether you’ve taught classes before or it’s your first time, our Event Evangelists in SF, LA, DC, Chicago, Boston and NY are ready to provide support with finding venues in your city (also hook you up with special deals!), and promote your class around town, so you’re not on your own! If you’re ready to get started, sign up here to host a class.

Anyone can take a class or teach a class on Eventbrite. Your city is your classroom, and your neighbors just might become your new favorite teachers. So unleash your curiosity and explore your own backyard. We’ll be here to support your community’s classroom.


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