This year’s TechCrunch Disrupt was a blast. Eventbrite was the ticketing partner for our neighbors and friends from 410 Townsend St, and we loved participating. We helped out with Monday’s conference check-in, many of us got to check out sessions throughout the 3 days, and I manned the bright (brite?) orange booth.

We loved keeping up with the #tcdisrupt feed. Hackathon success stories! Really awesome new startups and ideas! AOL bought TechCrunch! Chamillionaire judged at Startup Battlefield! The Women in Tech panel got…lively! And of course, there were the afterparties that were exclusive to conference attendees. Media Temple hosted Monday’s event at Manor West, while MailChimp got down at Mighty on Wednesday.

But the huge post-conference event was brought to attendees by Google Ventures and SV Angel. The one and only MC Hammer performed a killer show, and for final song “U Can’t Touch This,” all of TechCrunch joined him—and his huge entourage—on stage for the performance. Kiel from our engineering team captured the amazing scene on video. You seriously have to check this out:

The Eventbrite crew also handled the VIP check-in that night at 1015 Folsom, which was fun because we got to continue testing our check-in app for the iPhone with ticket scanners. Oh, and we got a really awesome idea from Google for some branded swag that we might use for our own upcoming Eventbrite Party… how great are these?!

Overall, both the conference and parties were a truly great time. We can’t wait for 2011!