As Eventbrite’s Community Manager, I love me some social media. I’m certainly not alone, with more than 800 million users on Facebook and more than 150 million on Twitter. We community managers spend each day (and a few sleepless nights) thinking about how we can engage social media people with meaningful content and conversation.

Getting a process for this isn’t easy. But it was recently nailed down by Julius Solaris, on his Event Manager Blog. He charts the crazy waters of social in six steps, discussing how to get your social media strategy in line.

My favorite tips?

Step 3: Match the Social Network to Your Objective” seems simple enough, but so may people get this wrong. YouTube, for example, is ideal for generating cool content and brand awareness. It’s not ideal for customer service. Know your goal before you act.

Step 4: Focus!” reminds us that social media is the new Wild West in marketing. The only rule to follow is to try something new and don’t be afraid to be awesome. Julius puts it best:

“Surprise your guests with a great idea and innovative way of using the tool you’ve selected. Be creative and most of all stick to the objective you’ve selected.”

Lastly, his sixth step, “Review”, goes straight to my data-loving heart. Track your success. Track your failures. If it’s not working, scrap it; if it worked, try it again and push the creative boundaries.

Check out Julius’ tips, and let us know your own (or your favorites!) here.

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