San Franciscans that have passed by Union Square this week have likely noticed the huge white tent that has transformed the local landmark. One of our favorite food and wine festivals has finally arrived: it’s time for SF Chefs Week! With a lineup of 51 events in just 7 days, the SF Chefs team has brought together the best in the San Francisco Bay Area- the epicenter of culinary innovation. You can follow the excitement via the @SFChefs handle or conversation via #SFChefs.

One thing we’re especially impressed with at this event is the lineup of events surrounding the Grand Tasting Tent  this weekend (psst – use code BriteSF for 10% off tickets). Throughout the month of June we saw a series of events around the Golden Gate Restaurant Association’s Dinner Party Project, this past month included a series of classes at the Williams-Sonoma as part of their Kitchen Creativity Demo Series, and this week includes a lineup of classes catered to industry professionals with the Food Arts Industry Series Classes, and classes at the Westin St. Francis.

You don’t have to be a huge food and wine festival with over 250 chefs and 75 wineries in order to use online registration. Many restaurants and culinary figureheads are Eventbrite clients for their intimate classes, tastings and demos. We hosted a webinar for Golden Gate Restaurant Association members on how to effectively boost their business with events.

At Eventbrite we are so excited about celebrating local classes and highlighting opportunities for people to learn from members of the community. Check out many of the upcoming classes on Eventbrite in San Francisco, as well as info on how you can host your own!

Hot tip: make sure you download the Eventbrite app to show your ticket for speedy entry!

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