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Update: The issue is officially under control.  We are now working with our service providers to prevent this from happening again.  Obviously, we regret the loss of service and we deeply appreciate the patience and supportive responses we’ve received from our customers.  We sincerely feel your pain!

Original Post: At midnight PT Eventbrite experienced a malicious DOS (denial of service) attack.  Because of this attack, our service was unavailable.  We responded immediately and our entire team is working on this issue diligently as I type.

We appreciate your patience and I will post an update when we have a final resolution.

The Eventbrite Team

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Julia Hartz

Julia Hartz

Julia Hartz is Eventbrite’s co-founder and president.

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  • You might want to consider moving your blog to an outside server so that you can notify folks when you are having network issues, whether they are accidental, intentional, or malicious. I know of some other companies that do that. I’m glad to see you are back up and sorry to hear that some internet a******** were the cause of the outage.

  • Totally agree – midnight in the US is early morning here in the UK and it would be good to have a heads up when the comments start rolling in – this blog item has only just shown up on my RSS. My ISP has an ‘outside’ blog and it’s really useful when they suffer from abuse on our shared server.

  • Thanks for the feedback – we totally agree! Please follow us on Twitter (@eventbrite) for the latest updates on our service. We were posting live updates throughout the process yesterday and responding directly to inquiries. That will always be the best place to obtain external updates about our service. Thanks again!