From our earliest days, we’ve seen Facebook as a powerful way for event organizers to promote their events and sell more tickets. We’ve also been partners when it comes to innovation. As Facebook’s first partner to integrate with their Events API over 4 years ago and a recent beta partner in their Open Graph launch, we’ve been able to deliver amazing results to our organizers through this partnership.

That’s why we jumped at the opportunity to integrate with Facebook’s new “Get Tickets” link for Facebook Events, announced just 2 days ago.

When you create a Facebook Event, you can add a link to your Eventbrite page to buy tickets.

We enhanced our one-click “Publish to Facebook” feature to seamlessly incorporate your Eventbrite event page URL into the new “Get Tickets” link on Facebook Events when you publish an event to your Facebook Page. This means you don’t have to do any additional work to take advantage of this new eye-catching link — just hit “Publish to Facebook” on Eventbrite and you’re all set!

We’ll pull in your URL automatically into the Facebook Events ‘Get Tickets’ link

Right now, this “Get Tickets” feature is only available for events created by a Facebook Page (not by individuals).  When Facebook decides to roll this feature out to all Facebook events, this will be available to everyone!

It’s our focus at Eventbrite to continue making it as easy as possible for you to create, spread the word, and sell more tickets to your events by always leveraging the latest technologies available to us. Just as we rolled out a faster registration for free events last week, we’re inspired to explore solutions that will help you capture more traffic and ticket sales for your events!

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