We’re so excited to welcome our newest Briteling to the Eventbrite City Marketing Manager Team. Say hello to Angela, aka @BriteNYC!

1. Name: Angela Elise Giacchetti. Yes, my name rhymes with ‘spaghetti.’

2. Hometown: Hawthorne, New Jersey. No jokes from the native New Yorkers, please!

3. Why do you love NYC? For every reason there is to love a city, NYC’s got it covered: art, music, fashion, food, technology, social innovation, and so much more. This city truly has something for everyone — it’s no wonder Times Square is often referred to as the “Crossroads of the World”.On top of that, every person you meet or neighborhood you visit has its own personality and story to tell, yet all of these pieces fit together just right.

4. Why Eventbrite? I’ve been organizing events for many years, and Eventbrite brings a certain magic to the process and makes the hard work of organizing enjoyable. Everything works the way I expect it to, and this has allowed me to focus on all of the other facets of getting awesome events off the ground. Nothing excites me more than helping people come together to share, learn, or expand their passions — and I’m happy to be surrounded by people who are just as psyched as I am.

5. Quick! Someone is coming to NYC this weekend. Where should they go? What should they do?

• Brooklyn Flea: Eat and shop your way through the city without ever leaving Williamsburg, Brooklyn. One-of-a-kind jewelry, art, crafts, and food by independent artists and vendors exemplify why Brooklyn is such a unique borough.

• Off Broadway: NYC is known for Broadway plays and musicals, but for the truly interesting, take a trip Off Broadway. Some personal favorites are: Avenue Q (aka adult Sesame Street), Stomp, F#%king Up Everything, and the notorious immersive drama, Sleep No More.

6. Best NYC event you’ve ever been to? Some of my best NYC memories are from Celebrate Brooklyn. With free concerts in Prospect Park all summer long, why would you want to be anywhere else?

7. Event you’re looking forward to the most: I’ve been going to the Halloween Parade every year since I was a kid. This year, because of Superstorm Sandy, the parade was cancelled for the first time in the event’s 39-year history. By 2013, New Yorkers will have had TWO years to make their costumes. I can’t wait!

8. Mets or Yankees? This is a trick question-I plead the Fifth!

9. Favorite NYC food? Di Fara’s Pizza in Midwood, Brooklyn. The first time I ate there, I cried. A good pizza will do that to a lady.

10. Anything else we need to know? I’m serious about social good, and I’m always trying to find ways to make my city (and this world) a better place. When I’m not doing that, you can find me gardening, cooking up a storm, hanging out at my yoga studio, or lacing up my dancing shoes. I’ve got a mean two-step.

Are you in New York City? Be sure to connect with Angela on Facebook and Twitter!





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