Eventbrite’s mobile team has been busy lately. We just released Eventbrite for mobile on iOS 7, and today we’re releasing an update to Eventbrite for Android! This latest version helps you keep track of every great event you discover in the app.

Save Events for Later

Imagine you’re browsing Eventbrite for mobile while waiting at the doctor’s office, and just when you come across an interesting event, your name gets called and it’s time to shut off your phone. Or maybe you just need to invite some friends or figure out your schedule before getting tickets. Either way, now you can hit the Save icon on the event so you won’t forget to go back and get tickets later! The event will be waiting for you in the Saved page in the app, where you can also view any events you saved on Eventbrite.com.

To start saving events, you’ll need to connect to Facebook, so make sure to do so when given the option (or in your Settings). Don’t worry, we’ll never post anything to Facebook without your permission.

We’ve also thrown a couple other goodies into this latest version, like making it even easier to see which of your friends are going to events so you won’t miss out. Check it out — download the latest version of Eventbrite for Android today! Got feedback? Talk to us on Facebook, Twitter, or in the comments below.