Let’s flash back to our high school days. Were you Class President? Head of Student Government? We know the type.  Now (an unnamed number of years later) your go-getter past has come back to haunt you: you’re in charge of planning your class reunion.

We’ve broken down the reunion planning process into 4 easy steps so you can pull off the perfect reunion and impress all of your former classmates. And we’ll let you take all of the credit!

1. Start early: Keep in mind that some of your former classmates may need to travel, so giving as much advance notice as possible is always a good thing. We recommend starting the planning process 12-16 months in advance.

2. Form a reunion committee: Yes, you may be a force to be reckoned with, but chances are it would be overwhelming to plan your reunion alone. Reconnect with some former classmates and get comfortable delegating some of the work to others.

3. Create a list and a timeline: List all of the tasks associated with the planning, and the timeframe they need to be completed in. Reunion Annoucements does a great job of listing all of the things you might need to figure out. Also, you can check off ‘reunion registration’ from the list, because you already know about Eventbrite!

4. Create your Eventbrite page!  Here are a few pro tips for you:

• Customize the color of your event page to match your school’s colors! You can also add a custom headers or footers as well. Check out this blog post for best practices.

• Double check your privacy settings. If you want to ensure that just your former classmates come to the event, you’ll probably want to make your event private. Remember, if you make your event public, it will be pushed to our Event Directory and people you never went to school with might end up registering.

• Offer tiered ticketing. Set up early bird pricing to encourage people to sign up in advance, and also offer a donation option for those who can’t attend but still want to make a gift to your alumni association!

Publish to Facebook! Once your event is live, be sure to utilize our one-click publishing straight to Facebook. Chances are you’re already connected to a lot of your former classmates on Facebook already, so this is a great platform to share the event on.

Ready to get started with your reunion planning? Let’s go!