If you’re new to Eventbrite and you use our standard credit card processing platform, you may not know about one of our favorite event features: the repeating events tool. Until now, the repeating events option was only available to organizers using PayPal or Google Checkout, but we’re excited to announce that we’ve now opened it up for everyone.

This is a particularly big deal because our standard credit card processor offers the best attendee experience and conversion rates. You can learn more about the advantages here.

The repeating events feature lets you schedule events that will occur more than once (at any interval). Attendees can then select the event of their choice from a dropdown on the event page. It’s perfect for events like classes or workshops, which often repeat. Here’s how it works.

In Step 4, you’ll now see a checkbox asking you if the event repeats. Select it, then choose the interval:

If the events don’t occur at daily, weekly or monthly intervals, simply select “Other” and you’ll have the option to fill in the dates manually:

And here’s how it will look on the event page to attendees:

And that’s it! Both repeating events and Eventbrite‘s standard credit card processor were designed to be a breeze for your attendees, and we’re excited to bring them together.