This guest post is from Ryan Jarvinen, Eventbrite Developer Relations.

Eventbrite has a tradition of hosting plenty of fun, internal hackathon events – giving our team extra opportunities to personally drive innovation, and to show off their creativity. #HTML5Hack, the HTML5 DevConf Hackathon, was the first public Hackathon event that we had the pleasure to host at our San Francisco office.

We would like to send out a huge “Thank you” to each of the developers, designers, volunteers, sponsors, and other community-members who came out to participate over the weekend. It was really exciting to see our office packed full of enthusiastic hackers, collaborating together and digging into the latest new web technologies.

The lineup of sponsors was also truly impressive, offering a combined total of more than $7,500 worth of prizes and awards! They did an excellent job of offering technical guidance and helping to cheer on the contestants. This made selecting a single award a very difficult choice for the teams to make.

Many of the finalists ended up producing unexpected blends of several new technologies; combining them together into fun and innovative mash-ups that really impressed the judges, as well as the crowd.

Selecting one winner from such a talented group was a very difficult task for us. Four of the final project demos successfully incorporated Eventbrite’s API in their application. Each of them did an amazing job of not only building a full application in a single weekend, but also at making it stable enough to demo in front of a live audience.

We recorded a few of the demo presentations for you to review. Can you figure out which project was selected for our top prize?

First, we have Will Strimling: A fifteen year-old, who built a set of tools for event organizers to use during their event. You can try out his project at

Next, we have Paras Wadehra, who produced an incredibly feature-rich Eventbrite app for WindowsPhone7. I’ll post a link as soon as it is available for download.

After carefully reviewing each of the demos, we decided that we could not let any of our contestants go home empty-handed. They each successfully pulled off an incredible hack over the weekend!

Luckily, Eventbrite’s CEO, Kevin Hartz was on-site to see the presentations. He was similarly impressed, and he very generously offered to double Eventbrite’s prizes – allowing us to award our top prize, and an iPad2, to each of the teams featured in the videos above.

Congratulations to Will Strimling and Paras Wadehra on their big win!

We had a great time hosting this event, and we’re looking forward to future opportunities to work with such a talented group of people.

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