This post is brought to you by our Vancouver Ambassador, Victoria! Victoria has been attending some of the top events in Canada and painting Vancouver orange.

If I was prone to puns, I might have entitled this blog ‘Tail Tales’ or ‘A Reason to Take Paws’. Lucky for you, I have no such tendencies.

I had the good fortune to represent Eventbrite at what has instantly become one of my favourite Vancouver series: Raincity Chronicles.  I’d surprisingly never been to an event in this series before. I say surprisingly because based on the sheer awesomeness of this event, I feel it’s everyone’s duty to check it out at least once. And, as fate would have it, the speaker line-up and topic common for November’s event was nothing short of excellent.

Rain City Chronicles brings together a group of talented storytellers to share their own unique tales surrounding a common topic – this round that topic was Animal Instincts, specifically, how animals have affected each of the speakers in some significant way during their lives.

The event hosts included the ever-entertaining radio DJ Cory Ashworth from indie station 102.7 The Peak and the effervescent Lizzy Karp, who is the co-founder of the Raincity Chronicles series.

There were 11 Animal Instincts storytellers that garnered many laughs throughout the evening. For me, highlights included the physically expressive Chad Brealey, who told a tale of a very close encounter with a humpback whale while he took a client out fly fishing on Vancouver Island and Kevin Quinlan, who shared his tale of dealing with an April Fool’s joke gone awry. Other memorable moments included the story of an angry senior citizen who refused to believe that the goat mowing Vancouver City Hall’s lawn was a farce, as well as an educational yarn about tigers and just how ornery they can be!

As a testament to the community feel that Vancouver still bears despite its rapidly growing population (2.2 million people and counting), I happened to run into a few attendees from the Eventbrite-powered Be My Amigo evening that recognized me as the Eventbrite community ambassador during the intermission! As I make the rounds from one event to another on behalf of Eventbrite, I am invariably struck by how glad Vancouver is to have the platform at their disposal.

Arguably the most beautiful thing about Raincity Chronicles was the audience-to-speaker camaraderie. It really did feel like the storytellers were giving an intimate chat in a living room filled with friends, instead of an event hall filled strangers.  I highly recommend the next event in January!

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