Go beyond marketing your event; use place-based social media to market your venue and boost event visibility.

Today’s guest post is from Alice Aylett Roberts, Head of Communications at London-based digital marketing brand, Bullseyehub. Check back tomorrow for part two of this series, in which Roberts explores the various location marketing platforms available to event organizers.

Whether you’re an event organizer who hosts events at your own venue or one who uses rotating locations, there are many benefits to venue or location marketing.

Here are some of the major benefits of using location marketing to promote events:

1. See who’s attending your events

With Facebook and Foursquare’s check-in at events feature, venue owners can see which people are checking into their venue and at what time. This allows event organizers to track how many people are attending their event and what they’re saying about it.

2. Reward loyal customers

The analytics tools of Foursquare and Facebook Places allow venue owners to see which people are returning to their venues. Identifying regular event attendees or repeat customers allow you to reward them accordingly. Loyal customers are valuable as they are more likely to bring friends along and act as ambassadors for you events.

3. Help your attendees connect with each other

If an attendee checks-in on Foursquare or Facebook via their mobile phone, then they’ll be able to see which other people using the network are already there. This will help customers connect with others who are also at the venue, which will add an extra social networking element to live events.

4. Tips or recommendations

Event-goers can get the inside scoop about what to expect from a venue before the event or as soon as they arrive. Google Places, Foursquare and Facebook Places rely heavily on user tips and recommendations to provide information ranging from food options, expected start times or a warning about rude bar staff!

5. Crowdsourced content

All of the platforms previously discussed allow users to upload photos or videos that can be added to the venue pages and for use in future marketing campaigns. Your attendees become your best marketers by advocating their event experience for you.

Now that we know the benefits of place-based social media, we’ll dive into the specific networks available. Come back tomorrow for more!

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