Our Easy Entry app is now named Entry Manager, to eliminate confusion for attendees and clarify it’s a tool to help you manage the door.

At Eventbrite, we’re focused on launching mobile apps to make running your event a whole lot easier. Last month, we launched the Android version of our entry management app, Easy Entry, complementing our popular iOS version.

This week, we will be launching a new mobile app for attendees who’ve purchased Eventbrite tickets (iPhone now, Android coming soon). We realized that the name Easy Entry could be confusing for event-goers, who might think that app was for them, so we decided to rebrand Easy Entry to minimize confusion.

Introducing Entry Manager — offering all the same, reliable functionality of Easy Entry, with a new name and new icon! The name Entry Manager conveys the app’s primary function — helping you validate tickets and manage entry.
Like a real manager who runs your event entrance, the Entry Manager does more than check guests off a list. It also monitors total event capacity, gets attendees through the door quickly, and provides real-time ticket sales data to help you make important decisions. The new icon draws inspiration from the barcode scanning feature and is stamped with the Eventbrite “E” logo, so you know it’s official.


Head to the App Store or Android Market to download the Entry Manager update, complete with a snazzy new logo.

The app is now listed as Entry Manager in the App Store and Android Market. If you are an existing Easy Entry user (woot!), update the app as usual to get the new name and icon.

We hope you like the new look of Entry Manager! Be sure to check in tomorrow for our announcement about the new mobile app for attendees.

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Ready to try it out? Plan your event on Eventbrite and see how easy it can be to scan in attendees with Entry Manager!