This summer has seen a batch of quirky food events popping up around London.  Mouthwatering food in an unconventional setting – what’s not to love? Foodie events done well will always get tongues wagging.

Chef David Pynt wows diners at his Burnt Enz Barbeque suppers.

After sampling a few, I think I’ve come up with the recipe for a winning pop-up feast.

  • Come up with an imaginative theme. Bonnie-on-Sky is a pop-up sea food shack on a striking London rooftop with perfect views of London’s skyline. Both menu and venue are entirely seaside orientated – complete with a beach projected onto one wall.
  • Appoint a notable chef. David Pynt has done stints at Noma, Extebarri and The Loft Project, and is this summer delighting Londoners with the Burnt Enz Barbeque suppers at the Climpson and Sons roastery.
  • Minimise menu dilemmas. Create your event on Eventbrite and sell tickets for a set menu that includes multiple courses. Add a custom question into the registration form to allow for dietary requirements.
  • Find a unique setting. Warehouses, rooftops, gardens, disused office spaces and car parks – all have the potential to be interesting and unique venues.
  • Source sublime ingredients. Tavolone is a monthly pop-up dining experience where guests “enjoy good food and discuss good ideas”. For one of their recent events, I Want Truffle, they imported a kilo of the finest truffles from Umbria, Italy.
  • Seat folk around a long table. This method, as employed by  Tavolone and Burnt Enz, is a great way to create a buzzy atmosphere and encourage conversation. Guests leave with full bellies and new buddies. A single sitting is also much easier for serving staff!
  • Fill the house. Eating is a social experience: Eventbrite’s Facebook integration makes it easy for attendees spread the word and help you sell out your event.
  • Have a wet weather option. The Burnt Enz barbeque is in a beautiful yard with flowers and fairy lights, but gazebos and a warehouse with seating mitigate the risk of the weather getting in the way.
  • Settle up in advance. Pre-selling tickets means guests are settled up before they even arrive and don’t have to worry about making any monetary transactions the night of the event. Easy peasy!

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