In the past nine months, over 7,000 campaign events – everything from school board fundraisers to presidential rallies – have been managed on Eventbrite. Candidates from both parties know that events are a powerful way to build a following and to raise money. At all levels of local, state, and national office, campaigns have used our self-service platform in 2012 to rally their communities. Our Eventbrite Politics team, composed of a dedicated member and political enthusiast from both sides of the aisle, has been hard at work these past few months, including trips to both the Republican National Convention in Tampa and the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte. We’ll leave it to you and the political pundits to analyze the data, but join us as we take a deeper look into what we found when looking under the hood of the political events on Eventbrite.

Trends Throughout All 50 States

Across all political events on Eventbrite in 2012, 29% have been Democratic events, and 71% have been Republican events.

On average, across the United States, a Democratic event gathers 42 supporters, and a Republican event gathers 68 supporters.

Graphic Crowd Size

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Free Events Trump Paid Events in Swing States 

In the key swing states (Colorado, Florida, Iowa, Michigan, New Hampshire, Nevada, Ohio, Virginia, and Wisconsin), 63% of Democratic events and 77% of Republican events have been free, community-building events.

This data tells us that in battleground states, candidates are more focused on using Eventbrite to gather supporters together around issues they are passionate about—as opposed to raising money.

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Fundraising in Swing States: Who Pays More? 

Also in the swing states, there is a wide gap in the average ticket price for fundraising events. The average ticket price for a Democratic fundraising event is $115.53, while the average ticket price for a Republican fundraising event is $31.50.

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