Greetings Eventholders! It’s been a while since I introduced myself and unleashed some exciting news in the partnerships space.

My goal at Eventbrite is to build partnerships that add value to our platform and make your life easier as an organizer. We already have a rich eco-system of partnerships that people love. When you use the product features of our partnerships, like MailChimp, we appreciate hearing all the feedback, (a lot of feedback!).

As we continue to form more partnerships, we’re building an efficient way to keep you informed on all of the partners that make our product even better.

Recently, we teamed up with another startup that allows platform companies, such as Eventbrite, to showcase each of their partnerships. We’re excited to announce that we worked with to launch our own Partnership Showcase.

Next time that you’re planning an event with us, check out how you can have an even better experience by utilizing some of our partnerships. Just in case you need to:

This is just the start. Explore our site now and check out some of the other partnerships that allow us to make our product even stronger. And of course, if you have a great idea of who should be our next partner, then give me a shout on Twitter, @Colleran.

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