The calendar gods smiled on us for Valentine’s Day 2010, plunking 2/14 on the Sunday night of Presidents’ Day weekend—this year, there’s no need to worry about cracking that champagne on a school night. All the more reason to get yourself out to some great events! Whatever your town, and whether you’ll be arriving with a sweetheart or hoping to leave with one, Eventbrite has you covered. Here’s a cross-section of unique, outside-the-(chocolate)-box Valentine’s happenings from coast to coast. And in case Sunday has you booked for a quiet dinner at home—or if you just want to get celebrating early—we’ve included choices for Thursday, Friday and Saturday too.

Thursday — Singles cooking in Seattle: If you don’t have a date this Valentine’s, it may be that your cooking skills aren’t up to snuff. Kill two birds with one stone at this Seattle event, in which singles learn kitchen tricks *while* mingling with the opposite sex.

Friday — Sky-high lounging in Las Vegas: No town does Valentine’s quite like Vegas. If you’re lucky enough to be single or accompanied in Sin City this weekend, start the romancing early and in high style at this sleek penthouse gathering. And by start early, we mean end very, very late.

Saturday — Vegan Valentine’s in Philadelphia: Perhaps you’re not in Vegas this weekend; perhaps you don’t like sinning at all. This event for Philly-era vegans is an intriguing twist on the normally indulgent holiday. Nosh on vegan appetizers and sip cheap drinks—OK, a little sinning—as you reflect on the great complexions and long lifespans of your potential partners. Proceeds go to the Humane League of Philadelphia.

Sunday — Love and basketball in Dallas: Watching sports on the venue’s TVs is usually the kind of thing that gets a valentine in trouble. What if you flipped things around and made the game the point? Dallas is hosting the NBA All-Star Game this year, and for those without tickets (and with very understanding sweethearts), the House of Blues’ “Love and Basketball” viewing party has got all big-screen needs covered.

Sunday — Carafes and laughs in New York: You don’t need us to tell you carafes and laughs tend to go together. At this New York event, an open wine bar and a slate of award-winning comedians add welcome levity to a sometimes intense holiday.

Sunday — Burlesque in New Orleans: New Orleans just does things differently. On a night when other cities are all about monogamy, the folks on Bourbon Street naturally suggest you take in some saucy burlesque. Watch as the cleverly named “Fleur de Tease” dance troupe give what they call “a modern twist on a classic vaudeville show.”

Sunday — Romantic cruises in Boston, D.C., and Chicago: If you live near a body of water, chances are the folks at Odyssey Cruises have you covered with this unbeatable option for the true romantic: an elegant dinner cruise along your local waterway. Whether it’s in Boston, Chicago, or D.C., on your first date or hundredth, this is exactly the memorable night you’ve been looking for.

Plus, check out a whole bunch of Bay Area Valentine’s events!