Poetry is art / Even when the poet is / falling into cake.

Last week, followers of Eventbrite on Twitter penned event-themed haikus to celebrate the opening of the Chicago Poetry Foundation’s new space. (A haiku is a poem split into three lines of five, seven, and five syllables, respectively.)

We asked people to tell us their favorite party outfit, their favorite thing about events, and their most embarrassing event moment. We learned a few things from their answers.

1) Many of our followers enjoy a drink or two at an event;
2) Many of our followers have fallen down at an event;
3) Many of our followers have suffered from number two because of number one.

See some of our favorite tweets below, depicting embarrassing moments, along with our response:

@axisofAC: ate, drank, danced, conquered/ found my camera in the fridge?/ sign of a good night. #EB575
@eventbrite: @axisofAC Camera in fridge? / This adds a whole new meaning / To the words, “Say cheese!” #EB575

@mikethebig1: she wore a long skirt/did not secure it that well/it was quite a show #EB575
@eventbrite: @mikethebig1 We love this story! / Though, we can guess, the woman? / Um, yeah, not so much. #EB575

@polojoshy: fell down basement stairs, got a standing ovation, bruised butt and ego #EB575
@eventbrite: @polojoshy We have all been there / The bruise fades, but the glory / remains forever! #EB575

@spparkle: Black and white formal/a proper southern wedding/fall into the cake.#EB575
@eventbrite: @spparkle Fell into the cake? / Was the frosting white? We hope. / Then, the dress would match. #EB575

@zongrik: went to her party ~ we were sixth grade bee bee effs ~ no one else showed up #EB575 @eventbrite: @zongrik You were BFFs / We think a party for two / sounds just fine! Such fun! #EB575

There is a dangerously thin line between enjoying the snack table and falling into it.

Clearly, we have all had our fair share of embarrassing moments at a party or event. But how do we recover from these? We asked another of our favorite poets, @nmorell, who penned her tumble into a snack table, to offer insight on playing it cool after a social disaster.

“The best way to get over an event mishap is to get up, shake the party snacks out of your hair and pretend that nothing happened,” she said. “It’s best to join back in the conversation, with something like ‘Oh my, whoever just fell down and knocked all the snacks over must be mortified. I think I saw them run out the door.’”

Do you agree? Feel free to share your advice in the comment section.

In the meantime, we’ll be here shaking the snack crumbs out of our shoes.


Have no shame. Get up! / We welcome all to Facebook / or Twitter. Join us!

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