With the holiday party season finally upon us, we figured there’s no better way to usher in the festive spirit than with some good ol’ fashioned carol-esque verse, chronicling the major DOs and DON’Ts of any holiday soiree. Read (or sing) along, and you’ll be guaranteed to have a successful holiday party, whether you’re planning the celebration or just enjoying it!

DON’T rely on shuffle.
When feet are aplenty, music’s a must
If you want those attending to have a blast not a bust
Trusting shuffle is dangerous, in playlists please trust
Surprise Bieber jams, scary for all of us

DO encourage guests to get their dance on.
Bass levels engage, the tracks are all hot
Time to get steppin, LMFAO’s out to trot
For some reason Bieber is hated a lot
But Carly Rae Jepsen, now that hits the spot

Girls over here, and the guys over there
Reminiscent of middle school, will only dance on a dare
Opinions you have, so suggestions please share
“Play my personal fav! Madonna’s ‘Like a Prayer!’”

DO feed your guests.
Cheese plate, finger foods, the choices abound
Attendees who nosh are happier we’ve found
So when the events are a-goin’ and the dinner bell sounds
No one likes grumpy guests, so have snacks around

DON’T consume too many adult beverages.
Families, friends, good cheer, this calls for a toast
So let’s all grab a drink, have some fun, thank our host
But remember to moderate, not get totally dosed
How do you think Ebeneezer Scrooge saw all of those ghosts?

DO be aware of appropriate party attire.
Grandma makes a sweater all knit with care
She’s thoughtful, yes, but the fashion gods are unfair
Everyone at the party will certainly stare
Just save it to show on “What Not To Wear”

DO highlight transportation options for your guests.
Cold open windows on a bus with no heater
Or walking on ice where you’re likely to teeter
Make room for all parking whether two- or eight-seater
I swear I’ll explode if I have to pay meter

Whatever your method, transportation is key
Alert your attendees to options or a small needed fee
Parking, walking, tandem bike, or a vessel made for the sea
I’ll be 10 minutes late, this Segway’s for me.

DO be wary of party-crashers.
They’ll act like they belong, everyone will believe
But you will take notice if they start to heave
And at the last second, when starting to leave
Oh nevermind, this guy knows Steve

DO be sure to act appropriately in front of your boss.
Whoever’s in charge over meek and the mild
Will surely have great hair that’s properly styled
No other could make you as scared as a child
Just keep the booze flowing as compliments run wild

DON’T forget to properly thank your host.
There’s nothing quite like giving a gift
The elation, the warmth, your soul will sure lift
But time is of the essence and you must be swift
Don’t be that guy, doing the movie bin sift

DO be aware of proper social media etiquette.
‘Don’t tweet at the table,’ a warning no one will heed
Photos and statuses that no one will read
Being glued to your phone, thatt’s not what we need!
Stop posting pictures of food on your feed

DO use Eventbrite to send your guests invitations!
That’s it, you’re ready, we’re done, this is through
You’re prepped for the end-all-be-all parties of two zero one two
All that’s left is to send invitations to friends old and new
Just please make sure to remember and send us one too?

What are your celebratory soiree DOs and DON’Ts? Share them in the comments below, or tell us on Facebook or Twitter