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This week, Facebook will make some exciting announcements at their developer conference, f8.

Facebook, and social media in general, are proven successful tools for helping Eventbrite organizers sell more tickets. We’ve developed full reports on how muchsocial-sharing is driving commerce on Facebook versus Twitter. We’re fanatical about tracking this data and using it to improve our products and empower our users. We’re constantly optimizing the way that we integrate these tools to help you drive more sales.

Having deep social integrations in our product is an important driver of ticket sales, but the opportunity doesn’t end there for organizers. We’ve also seen event organizers increase awareness and drive ticket sales through social advertising campaigns.

From personal experience, optimizing a display advertising campaign on Facebook can be very difficult. As an inexperienced user, I found that I had difficulty targeting population segments, and I felt like I was overpaying for popular keywords.

That’s why I am pleased that I came across CitizenNet, a software company that simplifies marketing on Facebook and helps organizers reach larger groups of interested attendees. CitizenNet makes your life easier by automating most of the research, planning, and budgeting through plug-ins with other popular services.

Today, we’re excited to announce that CitizenNet’s first such plug-in integration partner is Eventbrite. Now, an Eventbrite user can instantly run a Facebook advertising campaign for their event, just by typing in their Eventbrite web address.

For more information, check out the video below for an overview on CitizenNet or find them on our partnership page.

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