Use your Eventbrite page to ensure everyone knows the event details, so people don’t show up dressed as, say, an “ex-wife”.

Sure, Eventbrite is an awesome place to find out about NYE blowout bashes, but did you know it’s also a pretty great place to host your at-home New Years Eve get-together, too? For many, house parties are the ideal way to ring in the New Year! Now let’s be realistic… while you probably won’t have someone checking a guest list and collecting tickets at your New Years Eve party (or maybe you will!) here are some ways Eventbrite can help take the stress out of your New Years Eve house party celebrations:

1.) Headcount! Know exactly who’s coming and plan for the appropriate number of people. No one wants to be embarrassed by not having enough food, drinks, or party favors.

2.) Get your cash. Let’s face it – parties are expensive, and people are forgetful. Make sure everyone contributes their fair share by having your attendees purchase a ticket prior to the party. That way, you’re guaranteed your money, and partygoers don’t need to remember their cash for the keg.

3.) Be philanthropic! Don’t just celebrate, collect donations for a cause important to you. Many out-of-home events benefit non-profits or social good causes, so why not have your home bash do the same? Let attendees choose exactly how much (or little) they’d like to donate in the privacy of their home while starting 2012 while rallying for a cause.

4.) Simplify! Use one of pre-made New Year’s Eve templates to design your event, and if you really want to impress the ladies (or men!) check in your guests using our iPhone or Android event organizer app!

5.) New Years Eve is a BIG deal for us at Eventbrite, and if you want to join in on the fun, host your event on Eventbrite. $2,012 could be yours, as we’re picking an event organizer to win cold, hard cash every week through the month of December. Our Event Evangelist cities across the country also have some fun planned of their own! So let us help you ring in the New Year with a little more ease, so your 2012 starts with more fun, less headache.

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