Last week, Twitter launched a great new tool called the Tweet Button, which users can add to their webpages to streamline the link-sharing process. The new button is especially useful for a site like Eventbrite, because attendees constantly have something great to share: the link to your event! We were thrilled to get on board as a launch partner for this nifty feature.

If you’ve been by your registration page in the last few days, you may have noticed that the button is already integrated in the sharing section, just to the left of Facebook “Like”:

When an attendee presses “Tweet,” they’ll get a login prompt if necessary—then they’ll see this window, with an instantly generated short link to the page, and customizable text:

Pretty cool, right? Experienced Eventbrite users know that we already had a Twitter sharing feature in place, but the new feature streamlines the process and creates a consistent url that organizers can easily track in event reports—it’s marked by the “estwbreg” tag, as seen above. So you’ll be able to see just how many attendees are signing up through the shared link (our prediction: a whole lot). Happy tweeting!