New direct deposit option for Eventbrite Payment Processing

We’re excited to announce a great new feature for organizers who use Eventbrite Payment Processing. Effective immediately, EPP users can now opt to receive their payouts through secure direct deposit. In other words, no more checks! Your money will now go straight into your bank account. (Of course, organizers can still choose the check method if they prefer.) The payment will still go out 5 days after the event.

We see this as yet another reason to use Eventbrite Payment Processing, which has the added advantage of not requiring attendees to visit a third-party site when they purchase a ticket. EPP is now the most seamless method on both ends. Here’s a screenshot of the simple account information form you’ll fill out to enable direct deposit.

This is a faster, simpler, and more reliable way for us to get your payout to you. Enjoy!

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  • Hi,

    My question is “Will you be able to deposit into a bank in Malaysia – specifically Public Bank?”

    I am very interested in this feature as it will help me decide whether to use Eventbrite in my up-coming event later this year.



  • At the moment we only support bank accounts in the US and Canada. But don’t worry, you can use our PayPal or Google Checkout option to support other international currencies and banks.

  • The payout option is great but what if you need funds for you operational cost and don’t want to use paypal or google? Is there another option where you will give weekly payouts before the event ends?