There’s an un-holiday for every ridiculous thing you can think of. National Dress Up Your Pet Day, Squirrel Lovers Day, Sports Wives Appreciation Day. Heck, there’s even a day for people with two different colored eyes! But on this day, January 16, Americans recognize the most ludicrous holiday of them all, National Nothing Day. A day dedicated to the idea that nothing is possible. A day that insults the “make-it-happen spirit” that Eventbrite and our event-goers embody 365 days of the year.

Join us in protest as we boycott this bogus excuse for a holiday. Prove to the world that nothing is impossible by entering to win $500 in tickets from Eventbrite to keep living your life to the fullest.

never do nothing again

Enter in LA

Enter in Chicago

Enter in Boston

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After you enter, we challenge you to do something… ANYTHING!

Snap a pic of your National Nothing Day protest and upload it to Instagram with the hashtag: #NationalNothingDay.

Get out there and do something, people! We can’t wait to see how you make today count.

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