The call to our heroes has been heard loud and clear. We are proud to bring you another hero in our campaign: The Girl Geek Dinners and Angie Chang are on a mission transform the word “geek” to “chic”.

Girl geeks get a tutorial from tech experts at our hero’s event.

Do you have the power to shift stereotypes? Or the ability to change the meaning of a word? Our hero, Angie Chang does.

The Hero:

It all began August 16, 2005 in London, England, when the very first “Girl Geek Dinner” was hosted. It brought together women from the technology industry to mingle, learn and, of course, dine together. At that point, this event was one idea, hosted by one person, and in one city.

From thousands of miles away, our hero Angie Chang’s sixth sense caught wind of this event. Angie, a co-founder of the “Women 2.0” organization, decided to bring Girl Geek Dinners across the pond to the Bay Area.

These events allow women to embrace their inner geek.

Almost 10 Girl Geek Dinners later, Angie still hosts these events providing an amazing chance for these bright women to meet, learn and share experiences.

This one idea has spread to 30 countries and 89 cities, involving more than 27,000 people.

The Villain:

Did you know only one out of nine employees in the tech world are women? In an industry dominated by nerdy testosterone, our hero would not allow her fellow peers to be forgotten. Angie sees these events as a way to tear down social stereotypes and build community.

Big name sponsors and speakers bring great value to Girl Geek Dinners.

Our hero says the energy at Girl Geek Dinners is palpable. Each event in the Bay Area draws 200 to 400 attendees and is growing. Each dinner boasts technical women speakers or panel of experts from the technology industry and is sponsored by powerful brand names, such as Google, Facebook, Genetech, Yahoo! and most recently Palantir.

In true hero fashion, Angie does not charge attendees for these events. Here are her tips to help you get all you can out of your free event.

  • Pre-Event Information – gather all the information you can prior to the event to effectively get a proper head count and adjust for seating and purchasing issues. Send a pointed reminder two days before the event asking for anticipated no-shows to email you, so you can adjust for seating and use Eventbrite’s nifty Wait List feature.
  • During the event, relax and enjoy all that you have put together.
  • Post-Event Information – Learn all of the positives and negatives of your event from your guest through surveys, interviews and in casual conversations.

From our Hero:

#MyHeroIs Mary Lou Jepsen. She is a perfect example of a girl geek who is doing amazing things in tech and for children around the world.

If you are a hero, or know of one, and would like to be featured, please let us know at @eventbrite or email

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