In the third installment of our Eventbrite Heroes campaign, we highlight Zack Wright, an extraordinary man who has helped develop one of the largest kickball tournaments in the country.

Our Hero:

Most people think having a lead foot would only be good for racecar drivers or grape stompers. Who would have thought this would be the vital weapon in our hero’s arsenal?

Our hero, Zack Wright, is a member of the Active 20/30 Club in Albuquerque, New Mexico. One of the group’s goals is “to support community and charitable programs that serve and benefit the children of New Mexico.”

The Active 20/30 club hosts a food and wine tasting event for charity, every year. However, in a cluttered room full of wine and food aficionados, Zack’s lead foot just got in the way. He needed a way prove his worth to the club and raise money for the kids. What better way to make this happen than a organizing the “Kickball 4 The Kids” tournament?

The Villain:

A kid has got to play, right? Staying active and engaging in physical exercise is necessary to lead a healthy life. Our hero and the Active 20/30 Club raise money for Playworks, a group that promotes recess in elementary schools.

The Event:

In its second year, Kickball 4 The Kids is now one of the top three largest kickball tournament west of the Mississippi. Five-hundred participants on 32 teams gathered on a sunny spring day in Albuquerque to test their eye-foot coordination.

Teams from all over the west coast came to compete for the title.

Zack teamed up with Kickball 365, a well-known organization on the east coast to spread the message of this massive event. Along with promotion on their active Facebook page and use of Eventbrite’s tools, the event gained traction throughout the kickball community.

In preparation for the inaugural “Kickball 4 The Kids” tournament, Zack and his crew ran into problems receiving sponsorships and generating enough funds to make the event profitable for the charity.

The second year proved to be more successful for a couple reasons:

  • Increased time spent networking and using relationships to generate buzz and donations.
  • The first year is always a struggle due to name recognition. Focus on creating a great event and the next one will be easier to run.

    All proceeds went to Playworks, bringing physical education to elementary schools.

With great power comes great responsibility. This tournament is now one of the destinations for premier kickball teams around the country. An elite team from Los Angeles came in town this year and stole the trophy from the local competition. The team “Business Formal” also made quite the impression by flying around the field flaunting tailored suits.

With reoccurring events, our hero must decide where to take this event. Does it become a place for seasoned kickballers to strut their stuff, or a community event for all to relax and enjoy? Direction is something to keep in mind when hosting annual events.

From our Hero:

#MyHeroIs my dad. He laid out a way to be successful professionally and led me on a path to be a good person and a good father.

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