If our Chicago Event Evangelist had her own blog, it would star Eleanor Roosevelt, the pug.

I’ve always been a little envious of bloggers. My RSS feed is filled with gorgeous, well-written WordPresses and Tumblrs. If I had a blog, it would probably just be cell phone shots of my pug, Eleanor Roosevelt, and I’m sure my mom would be my only reader.

My blogger friends write about interesting experiences. Brands give them cool things for free, and they have hundreds (or thousands!) of followers who hang on their every written word.

There are also a ton of blogger-only events, conferences and activities that I’ve always secretly wanted to be a part of. There are blog swaps, blog carnivals, and vlog gatherings. Organizers have gotten really creative with their IRL gatherings also, with huge conferences like BlogHer, Blog World, and Blissdom. There are also niche gatherings for fitness bloggers, social media experts, pet lovers (wait! Maybe I can revisit the cell-phone-pics-of-my-dog idea!). I could go on forever.

At the end of this month, I will finally have my chance to attend one of these events, and I can barely contain my excitement. My friend Sami asked if I would apply to speak with him on a panel at the inaugural 20SB Summit in Chicago. We’ll be speaking about best practices and techniques for bringing your online community to an off-line event.

The 20SB Summit’s agenda was built with the interests of twenty-something bloggers in mind, tapping speakers from the 20SB community and around the Internet. There are two programming tracks: Application and Aspiration, filled with “how to” and “how cool” sessions centered around taking blogging, vlogging, and community building to the next level, personally and professionally.

The 20SB Summit provides a unique setting for twenty-something bloggers to engage with their peers and role models as well as an unparalleled opportunity to have all these outspoken and influential millennials in one place. Of course, the Summit is geared toward bloggers in their twenties, but anyone with an interest in blogging or building an online community is welcome.

If you’ll be in Chicago the weekend of August 19-20, you won’t want to miss this unique gathering or the opportunity to see me geek out at my first blogger event! For more information or to register, check out the registration page.

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