Still to this day, I can hear Mr. Hoss, my eighth grade English teacher’s booming voice as he welcomed us back to school after winter break. “Tabula Rasa. Clean slate.”

Every January when I think about the coming year and the goals, resolutions and challenges that come with it, I am reminded of Mr. Hoss’ words.  As I thought about what I wanted to accomplish this year — run the Paris marathon, help plan a huge event to raise money for LLS, attend a writing workshop, get back into improv — I realized that I could accomplish most of these things through attending events on Eventbrite. And so, one of my 2013 resolutions was born: attend 52 events this year, a different one every week.

I’m hoping that by attending one event every week, I’ll not only check off all of my goals, but I’ll learn more about myself, my new city and meet lots of interesting people along the way. If you’d like to follow along, I’ll be documenting my adventure on the Eventbrite Instagram account with the hashtag #Brite52. Want to join me in my challenge? I’ve made a list below with some ideas to get you started, or you can peruse our directory!

1. Take a cooking class
2. Learn improv
3. Attend an inauguration event
4. Sample wines and chocolate at a wine and chocolate festival
5. Take in a comedy show
6. Build something awesome at a hackathon
7. Crawl through barbed wire and extreme conditions in an obstacle race
8. Attend a bachelor and bachelorette auction for cancer
9. Go to an all-night EDM concert
10. Check out a start up’s launch party
11. Swap stories and network with other women founders
12. Meet with angel investors and other entrepreneurs over drinks
13. Attend a TedX event and be inspired
14. Meet your favorite reality TV or tween pop star at a Meet & Greet
15. Attend a book signing
16. Sign up for a training group to prep for Bay to Breakers
17. Run the 102nd Bay to Breakers race
18. Complete your first triathlon
19. Learn a new language
20. Boost your SEO knowledge with a webinar
21. Attend your favorite causes yearly gala
22. Head to the beach for multi-day music festival
23. Take a guided bike tour of your city
24. Gear up for an internationally recognized Gran Fondo cycling event
25. Hear the latest in tech from who’s who of the Silicon Valley
26. Peel and eat shrimp with strangers
27. See performance art in an alley
28. Attend a fundraising event for your local community center
29. Take a yoga class on the beach
30. Go see an a capella group perform
31. Meet your soul mate at a speed-dating event
32. Learn how to best pitch your startup to investors
33. Hit up a craft beer festival
34. Learn about aperture and shutter speed at a photography class
35. Attend at least 1 networking event – even if you aren’t looking for a job
36. Learn how to knit
37. Sample bacon chocolate and bacon at a bacon food festival
38. Find a local ghost stories gathering for Halloween
39. Test your senses with a blindfolded wine tasting class
40. Kick off your family’s Thanksgiving with a Turkey Trot
41. Learn how to restring your ukulele
42. Attend a fundraiser for a favorite political candidate
43. Take a painting class
44. Celebrate victory at an Election Day party
45. Find cool things to do when you’re on vacation
46. Snag a great wedding dress, jewelry, photographer, caterer all at once at a wedding show
47. Attend a poetry slam
48. Root for your favorite brand or company at an awards show
49. Sing your favorite Madonna song at a Karaoke competition
50. Immerse yourself in a multi-day conference
51. Volunteer with your favorite charity
52. Attend a New Year’s Eve party

Alright, 2013. Let’s do this!


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