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Distribution partners get your event in front of more eyes, helping you to sell more tickets.

We commonly say that Eventbrite helps you sell more tickets, and we’ve backed it up with hard data that proves it. Most of this data has been included social commerce reports, which have received a lot of buzz and started a discussion around the actual value of social sharing. Our first report detailed the average ticket sales driven by each share. Our second report went even deeper and explained the difference between the value of an attendee sharing pre-purchase and post-purchase, as well as explaining the difference in value of sharing across different types of events.

On this blog, I’ve also talked about other ways that Eventbrite helps you sell more tickets through our distribution partners. Today, we’re excited to announce a milestone and new additions to our distribution list!

Our distribution partnerships helped us sell $500,000 worth of tickets in December of 2011.

  • This is the largest volume of ticket sales we’ve ever seen through partnerships.
  • With New Year’s Eve, December is already one of our busiest months, so we had great content to share.
  • A lot of our distribution parters focus on social events, so we were the perfect match in December.

Everyblock is a new distribution partner!

  • Everyblock is the best way to explore what is happening in your neighborhood.
  • Check out their listing on our partnership page!

SocialVents is a new distribution partner!

  • The SocialVents project is an effort to visualize and to index events geographically from various sources across the web.
  • Check out their listing on our partnership page!

Bonus: We’ve worked with one of our most successful partners, Eventful, to re-work our method for pulling events, so that they are now listing 40% more Eventbrite events.

We’ve established relationships with these valuable partners with one goal: to benefit our event organizers. Eventbrite strives to help you sell more tickets, by allowing attendees to discover your amazing event – no matter where they are looking on the web.

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