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Meet Katie, head of membership at Central, a London venue space and cafe where people work, meet, eat, and inspire one another.

Name: Katie Butler
Hometown: Tonbridge, Kent
My Next Event: The Socially Successful Business Explained

You should come to my event if you: have a passion for social media (and who doesn’t?). We’ll talk about how brands build business through social media and how large companies have used it to preserve in the digital age. We’re also showing you how to measure the effect of your social media efforts.

Favorite Eventbrite Feature: The ability to check in attendees with the new Eventbrite app. It certainly makes my life a lot easier!

My Inspiration for Hosting Events is: Bringing people together who have mutual interests. I love seeing this during our themed-week events at Central Working. For instance, we just had our Startup Week and we’re already looking forward to Social Media Week and Fashion Week. When I see people coming to events again and again, I know I’ve done my work.

Favorite Movie: “Drive” with Ryan Gosling (it’s the last film I saw!)

Favorite Book: “To Kill a Mockingbird” by Harper Lee

Best Event Memory: Hosting our Investment Week. Each evening was a sell out; we had some fantastic speakers and some really great feedback from attendees.

The Best Event I Ever Hosted Was: Our Investment Day with G2i. The event lasted all day and Central Working was absolutely packed. It was also great to have a glass of wine at the end of the event with all the participants.

Favorite Social Media Network: I’m a huge Twitter fan!

The blog I most visit: I would have said, however, they decided to end the blog last month after three successful years. I’m still searching for my new favourite but is certainly up there.

I can’t live without: My iPhone.

I get through my busiest days with: Peppermint tea.

My advice for first time event planners is: Don’t cut corners. Make sure your Eventbrite page is properly set out and your event is listed on all relevant social media/social networking sites.

My worst event experience was: When only 25% of the people who registered showed up to a social media event I hosted. The event was free, and I learned that sometimes there’s a degree of security in charging for an event, both from an organizer and attendee point of view.

If I could tell one thing to the 20-year-old me, it would be: Expect the unexpected and be prepared to put in a lot of hard work.

My favorite thing about London is: The constant buzz. I love Southbank; there’s always so much going on, from vintage fairs to beer festivals.

I love social media because: It’s so immediate and it’s changing constantly. It gives you the chance to tap into different markets and different audiences with relative ease. Social media is the future for business and brands.

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