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We’ve added an even newer version of the “Eventbrite for Pages” Facebook application. Check out the newest way to sell tickets on Facebook on the Partnership page – or try it out directly here (it’s free to use)!

**End of Update**

Recently our friends at AppBistro launched a new Facebook application that enables organizers to embed their ticket sales directly into their own Facebook Pages. This now allows anyone to make ticket sales more readily attainable for their loyal Facebook following and provides another landing page for successful conversion to their event.

The setup is very easy and can be accessed through this link: Simply ‘Allow’ for the connection when you are logged into your Facebook Page account, then use your Eventbrite User ID and Password to integrate the two. From here, you’ll be able to select any live event from your Eventbrite account using a drop down menu. Instantaneously your Event Title, Ticket/Registration Options, Event Details, When, and Where will all patch over directly to your Facebook Page.

Many organizers utilize Facebook as their largest medium to keeping in direct contact with their network. Giving friends and fans this option when they check your page is a sticky feature which helps quantify your marketing efforts.

An upcoming event, Breckenridge Beer Festival (pictured above), has executed this wonderfully to drive more sales and increase overall awareness that tickets are now available. Take a full look:

As you will see, there is a tab directly beneath their logo labeled ‘Tickets’ and this tool pulls all your Eventbrite information directly onto your own Facebook Page for the same painless checkout process.

Eventbrite For Pages is another great benefit in keeping your ticket purchasing process uniform with the branding of your event. No longer must organizers redirect potential attendees away from their website, as Eventbrite provides different tools to acquire tickets from organizers’ own websites.

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  • It looks like you can only choose one event? How about if you have multiple events? How do you change the event once you’ve configured it? This is cool, but not fully baked yet in my estimation.

  • Looks like it has a couple of bugs…

    – My event is in UK pounds but it lists the price with a $

    – It shows tickets that aren’t actually for sale yet as being available.

    A great app though and once they have fixed these things I’ll definitely be using it 🙂

  • […] Meet Eventbrite for Pagesâ Recently Facebook launched a new application (built by our friends at AppBistro) that encourages organizers to embed their ticket sales directly into their own Facebook Pages. This allows anyone to make ticket sales more readily attainable for their loyal Facebook following. Read More » […]

  • @Bernie – Yes, you need a Facebook Fan Page to use this app. Unfortunately, Facebook doesn’t allow apps to be installed on user profiles any longer.

    @Dogsbody – Nice catch, we’ll add support for international currencies in the next update by the end of the week and dig into the issue of showing hidden tickets. Thanks for the great feedback!

  • I am excited about this app and hope that it will evolve to be able to list multiple events and/or an event calendar.

    Also, it looks like I will need to manually clear out the event after it passes and then add the next one. I cannot figure out how I would edit that. It would be wonderful if it would automatically refresh to show the next following event (or again, an event calendar would be great).

    Thank you for keeping up so well with the needs of Eventbrite users!

  • Fantastic!! Thanks so much. We drove all our promotion our Facebook Page last time round. This will be a MASSIVE help, great work, thanks so much!

  • I can’t get this app to connect to my Facebook page. I’m not sure what you mean by User ID? Is that the email? I tried that, but it wouldn’t accept it. Please help.

  • I am getting stuck in an infinite “reset” loop whenever I try to do anything with the app. I have tried multiple browsers and restarting the computer, what’s the deal.

  • I have an integrated personal and business page, and this app won’t install. Is there some other way I can get this on my page? I adore this idea!

  • Eventbrite for Pages is needed, but the current app is very buggy. They need to make sure that you can promote more than one event simultaneously; can show events in other currencies; it works with https; It lists only tickets available.

    All this said, I got a reply from appbistro saying that they are working on the bugs. Hope there is an update soon.

  • This app has been on Facebook for some time. It does not work properly.
    Well… at least previously you could get to the app, now it re-loads the page on a continuous basis without showing Anything!

    It would also be great if there was:
    1) a clear way in which you can switch events – as we were (before we removed the app) stuck with an event that had long passed…

    2) a calendar funtction. As a business advice programme we run events all the time and we need our clients to be able to have an overview on the Page rather than 1 event.
    We’ve gone back to filling every event in to the native FB-Events app which is a real shame.

    We know that this app is probably by a 3rd party, but you should speak to them as they are almost putting Eventbrite’s name down by it just not working properly..

    Otherwise – Eventbrite is fantastic and we love working with you service!!


  • It’s not working for me either. I clicked the link above and added it to my page, then it asked me to “allow” it. I did that, but now it’s continuously refreshing the page over and over!

  • I’m having the same problem as Jeff. I was able to install the app just fine, but the event that I had featured is now over and I want to change it to an upcoming event, but when I try to access the app, it just constantly refreshes. I might try removing the app and adding it again.

  • Hello everyone. In regards to the bugs and fixes you’ve been reporting, they have been tremendously helpful.

    Here is a list of some of the bugs and fixes that will be released in our next push:

    • Support for international currencies
    • Switching between multiple events
    • Fixing ticket number restrictions
    • Fixing “Eventbrite Manager” link and login issues

    In regards to the application refreshing itself in an infinite loop, this is a Facebook bug that should be fixed sometime today. You can read up on this issue through the FB Dev forums:

  • When i click the link it takes me to a facebook page with this msg.

    The Facebook Platform is currently experiencing some technical issues. For more information on this issue, please visit the Facebook Platform live status page. We apologize for the inconvenience.

    Please fix.

  • Hey, can’t get this app to work, keeps saying there are problems with installing. Any updates on when it’ll be able to go? We’d love to use this for our facebook page. thanks, MR

  • C’mon guys — get this app working, please. Appreciate what looks to be a cool app, but after being down all day yesterday, then up today, I was able to install it, but now it won’t authenticate to my EB account. And, yes, I KNOW I’m using the correct login and password. Please fix ASAP so we can keep doing our part to publicize the great service that is Eventbrite! Thanks.

  • OK, got the app to install, pulled all my info from personal FB account and Page account, BUT, no event is showing/listed. Great. Any help/advice here would be appreciated.

  • I can’t get this to launch at all – it looks great and i really want to use it

    what am i missing?

  • Hi Helen: Give our support team a ring at 1-800-350-8850. We’ll be more than happy to help!

  • Sorry if I’ve missed this in an earlier post, however the app is displaying my price in $, I need it in £.

    Also, when testing the app installation, when I go to buy tickets, the screen I am taken to doesn’t display registration information and in turn, won’t allow tickets to be purchased.

  • @Kevin – Thanks for checking in. Our support team will be following up with you directly to help out. Thanks!