I don’t know about you, but festivals are my favorite time of the year, almost like Christmas, 4th of July and my birthday all rolled into one.  I get giddy just thinking about the  2-3 days of non-stop live music, dancing, and reuniting with my best festie friends.  As the Eventbrite team is prepping for Governor’s Ball here in NYC this weekend, and for Vans Warped Tour in San Francisco, I’ve laid out some tips on how to prepare for the epic weekend ahead:

  • Buy tickets:  Seems like an obvious answer, but you are not getting in without one of these bad boys.  I’m a fan of the pre-sale myself, not knowing who is going to play yet brings a certain kind of thrill.  Lucky for you, there are a few single day passes left for Governor’s Ball and Vans Warped Tour. Pro tip: download the Eventbrite app so you don’t have to print out your tickets.
  • Find friends to go with you:  This might also seem like a given, but it’s important that your festival ‘goals’ align with your friends. If you LOVE music, tag along with buddies who feel the same. If you’re more in it for the experience, get friendly with some folks who are also just around for the ride. Otherwise, things can get messy.
  • Make a Schedule:  Since my friends and I go to a couple of festivals a year, we have to be strategic on who we see.  Obviously seeing the most bands is key.  Governors Ball takes care of all the planning for you since there are NO overlapping sets.  At Warped Tour, you’ll have to be a bit more strategic in picking which bands you’ll be checking out.
  • Research:   I have found a lot of my favorite new bands by looking up those I didn’t know on the festival line-ups and listening online prior to the festival.  My online music vessel of choice is Spotify.com because you can listen to the full songs for free online and are able to make and share playlists. Pro tip: search for the name of the festival on Spotify, there are usually some awesome pre-made playlists for the occasion.
  • Meeting Place: Once you are at the festival’s location your team should quickly locate a meeting place.  There is a high possibility of dead phones and lost friends.  You should always have a place and a time to find each other.
  • Stay hydrated: It’s summertime. It’s probably hot out and you’ll be outside for hours on end, perhaps dancing like a maniac. Drink a lot of water. Some festivals will let you bring in an empty water bottle to fill up once inside the gates, others will let you bring in two factory sealed bottles. Pro tip: check the festival’s website beforehand so you know what you’ll be allowed in with.
  • Other essentials you need for a festival: sunscreen, blanket, camera, phone charger (this device has literally saved my life several times), cash, rain boots (flip flops + mud = nightmare), and after party invites (if you are still standing).

If you’re headed to Governor’s Ball or Warped Tour this weekend, or any other festival, this list should set you up for your much-anticipated weekend of musical delight. Hope to see you out there!

Follow Staci’s adventures at Governor’s Ball at @BriteNYC, and Brianna’s adventures at the San Francisco stop on the Warped Tour at @BriteSF (and be sure to look for the big orange tent on Saturday at the Vans Warped Tour San Francisco stop!).


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