It’s the fifth day of #AppyHolidays and the gifts are still flowing! Say hello to today’s new tool, Little Printer.

Little Printer LogoWhat is Little Printer? A delightful web-connected printer that lives in your home! Use your smartphone to subscribe to over 130 different publications and Little Printer will gather them into a timely, miniature newspaper, printed at the push of a button. Share your details to receive photos and messages from your friends! Little Printer is fun, easy to use and available to buy online today.

Integration Description: Now, you can connect your Eventbrite account so that Little Printer will print a convenient reminder of the event details when you have an event tomorrow.

Little Printer Eventbrite











Want to learn more? You can purchase a Little Printer ($20 off during the holiday season with discount code “xmas13”!) or learn more here!


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