Hi, Readers:

We think that everyone deserves a makeover once in a while – the chance to be whisked away in their sweatpants to a salon and a shopping spree and, later, come out from behind the curtain to the cheers of a live studio audience.

Today, it’s your turn.

Eventbrite is thrilled to unveil updated features for event organizers’ profile pages. Thousands of event attendees visit our site each day to purchase tickets for the classes and the bashes that you work so hard to plan. These new features will help your brand present more information to your attendees, engage them more fully in a conversation, and further promote your future events with Eventbrite.

The former profile pages simply listed your past and future events. Now, a page within the organizer interface allows you to create:

  • A bio, which you write and edit for adoring fans;
  • A profile picture, so attendees will recognize your brand at the party;
  • An information center that includes your total number of events, Web site, and top event categories and locations;
  • A featured event module, which highlights to attendees detailed info on one of your upcoming events;
  • Customizable design settings, so that you are able to provide a seamless brand experience for visitors to your page.

We hope that you take a few minutes to treat yourself to the Eventbrite makeover and check out the updated profile pages here. This space is dedicated entirely to you. We hope you use it to manage your brand and events, and to encourage your attendees to learn more about you.

Just leave the sweatpants behind.