Social feeds pull your Facebook and Twitter updates into your organizer profile.

When we were in fourth grade, my friend, Katie, got a haircut. It was short. Like, really short.

She thought she looked really good leaving the hairdresser. But, the next day, Katie woke up and couldn’t make her hair look as pretty as it did when professionally styled.

She went to school and everyone said she looked like a boy. She has kept long, flowing locks ever since.

This is all to say that, a few weeks ago, we invited you to take part in a makeover with our new organizer profile pages. We’re not about to pull a stint like Katie’s hairdresser, though, and shoo you out the door without any follow-up tips or improvements. We’re continuing the makeover with updated social feed options for your profile pages.

The Eventbrite product team launched these social feed options this week. With these update features, organizers can pull their Facebook and Twitter updates onto their Eventbrite profile, allowing for more robust communication with attendees.

It’s simple to set up. To include your Facebook feed, simply fill in your organizer page URL to the blank field. For Twitter, you may include your Twitter handle, or a particular search term that you want your users to see, (i.e., “Eventbrite love” or #Eventbrite).

From there, we automatically pull in your info and aggregate it in a two-column display. Facebook will always be the default tab, but you’re able to choose only to display one of the two social media vehicles.

Start at the My Profile page to set up these feeds and let us know what you think. And the next time you get a haircut, remember to tweet to your attendees about your great makeover so they can check it out on your profile.