Hundreds of wine enthusiasts put Napa and Sonoma wines to the test at last week’s showdown.

Greetings, Readers:

I like wine, and I like events. Naturally, I like wine events.

Last week, I attended the Napa vs. Sonoma Showdown, a war of wines between the two regions. There, I observed a few simple things:


No matter how elaborate or exciting your event, you can’t forget the basics.

When we wanted a glass of something to wash down the vino, we found full water pitchers toward the side of the room, with cups ready to be filled.

Make the simple things at your event easy to access. Staffers must know where to direct patrons who are asking for the restroom. There needs to be space for people to break away from the crowd if they need a breather. And always have a full water pitcher.


Sure, this seems obvious – if it’s a wine event, you better have wine. But it goes beyond pouring a glass and calling it a success.

Make it something bigger. By building a competition, attendees (like myself) were more engaged and interested in learning about the various wines and regions. Vendors had the opportunity to educate people about their brand. It was more than just a reason to have a drink – it was an excuse to actually learn something while having fun.


At an event like this, everyone wins. The vendors are happy to bring their product to new potential consumers. The attendees are happy because, well, they drank a lot of wine. The organizers are happy that everyone is happy.

Make sure that you prepare ahead of time to ensure the happiness of the various groups of people at your event. On event day, you’ll free yourself up for troubleshooting and be well-organized in front of the crowd.

And, if you’re lucky, you may even have time for a glass of wine.

Enjoy the long weekend! We’ll see you on Tuesday.


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