“Let’s chat about social commerce at Internet Week in NYC. I’ll bring the bagels.” – Vanessa

Hello from New York City!

As a native New Yorker, you can bet that I was excited to head home with a bunch of the Britelings for Internet Week. The fact that it overlaps with our big Black Eyed Peas concert didn’t hurt either.

It’s only Wednesday but we’ve been keeping super busy. On Monday, Tamara, our Director of Marketing, presented a case study based on Eventbrite’s social commerce reports at Realtime NY.

The crowd was really into all the data we could share. It’s not often that companies can put concrete, granular information out into the public sphere. Our interest has always been in sparking conversation about social commerce, and adding data to the dialogue is the best way to get things going. Don’t you think?

Two other Internet Week events that I’m looking forward to are Social Media: Hype vs. Reality (because we’re all about social media at Eventbrite), and Opening Government Through Technology: Can Open Data Drive Innovation? (because I just think that sounds fascinating). Yes, I am a nerd, and, yes, I would love if you other Internet Week folk join me there!

On Thursday, the Britelings in NYC will spend the whole day getting ready for the big concert in Central Park. Last night we had a sneak peak of what’s in store when we watched the Black Eyed Peas play a show at the iconic Apollo Theater. It was an amazing performance with an incredible stage show, and Fergie belting out some killer high notes.

Oh, and the opener was Tony Bennett…TONY BENNETT!

Needless to say, Robin Hood Foundation has some very cool friends (and an amazing mission).

Tonight, we’re looking forward to the FlashFWD party that we’re co-sponsoring. It’s going to be an exciting mix of people from the tech and music communities–which is pretty much the theme for the week, as it turns out.

In between all this activity I’ll be finding as many opportunities as possible to eat proper bagels and pizza from NYC; Eventbrite’s home in San Francisco just doesn’t compete on those fronts. So stay tuned for more updates from our adventures here in New York. And think carbohydrate thoughts for the Britelings.

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