In my former life, I produced New Year’s Eve events.  Six months out of the year I focused on 60+ events for 35,000+ attendees from all over the world who were coming to celebrate New Year’s  Eve in NYC.  While there were a million moving parts, my number one concern was getting everyone through the door well before the clock struck midnight.  We want to make sure your event starts off as organized as possible, so I’m sharing my secrets with you!

  • Draw it out. Grab a pen and paper and sketch out your set up while looking at the entrance. Be on the lookout for other entrances, fire exits, corners, etc.  Be sure to ask if there are any restrictions for blocking areas near your entrance.
  • Wristbands, Stamps, ID Checks, Oh My!  Sometimes there are a lot of steps getting a person into the party.  Always staff extra bodies to wristband, ID, etc.  The person scanning shouldn’t be in charge of all of these things. If your guests need a lot at the door, a table set up might be the better set up.
  • Have a Help Desk.  Nothing is worse than having 1 person hold up your beautifully crafted line.  Have a dedicated help desk/person for instances where people have questions or need extra assistance.
  • Offer Different Lines for Different Ticket Levels.  VIP’s spend more money on their tickets, so their experience entering the party should reflect that.  Offering a separate line provides them with expedited entry and the VIP treatment they paid for.
  • Sell Tickets at the Door. Didn’t sell out beforehand? No problem.  Download Eventbrite’s iPad application, At the Door ® , and now you are able to take credit cards & cash on-site and gather your last minute party-goers information all in one place.

Getting your attendees into the party quickly ensures their night starts off without a hassle or stress.  Have any other questions? Ask us below in the comments, or call our 24/7 support line:

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