It happens every year: The best thing about New Year’s Eve—the absolute ton of parties—is also the most frustrating part. How can you decide which one to go to? It’s a recipe for indecision, and if you’re like us, you have a tendency to leave your party picking till the last minute.

That’s where this post comes in. The good news is, while you’ve been shopping around for the best offer, we’ve been adding even more great options to our NYC, SF, and Vegas listings. We’ve got galas and extravaganzas, bashes, balls, and bountiful bottle-service. There’s a party in SF that’s 10 hours long, and at the other extreme, an evening run across the Nevada desert. Want more wow factor? We’ve got it, literally—at an NYC gathering with J-Woww from Jersey Shore!

So don’t worry if you still haven’t booked your ticket. But be very worried if you haven’t done so in an hour. Here are your expanded guides to the NYE madness:

NYC New Year’s Eve parties

Las Vegas New Year’s Eve parties

SF New Year’s Eve parties

Not planning to be in any of the above cities? Do an instant local search for great New Year’s parties.