We’re teaming up with Pathable to offer the best tips in increasing registrations for your event.

At Eventbrite, we’re committed to helping you organize the best events possible. That’s why we’re launching a two-part webinar series, during which you’ll learn from industry experts at Eventbrite and Pathable the magic formula to engage your attendees and drive more registrations through social media and innovative registration best practices.

So much of an event’s success depends on the experience attendees have online, which ultimately affects the experience they have offline. The strategies used before, during, and after events to engage attendees, increase registration and get the most from your event are not what they used to be.

Instead of fighting it, go with it. Make your events even better and drive registrations by improving your attendee’s online experience.

Webinar #1: The Magic Formula for Engaging Attendees Year-Round

You’ll learn how to:

  • Start generating buzz prior to event registration by utilizing social media tools to find and connect with attendees
  • Keep the conversation flowing during your event and maintain a fun, interesting and relevant attendee experience
  • Leverage post-event engagement and drive attendance for your next event
  • Keep your social media and marketing strategy targeted and efficient

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Webinar #2: The Magic Formula for Driving Online Registrations

You’ll learn how to:

  • Drive traffic to your event page and make it engaging and effective to increase conversions
  • Meet your goals by acquiring the necessary information from your attendees
  • Maximize and track your marketing efforts to increase your ROI
  • Increase awareness and spread the word by making your event page viral

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We look forward to seeing you there!


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