Staci, NYC’s Event Evangelist, doesn’t wait in line. She shares her secrets for making entry management to an event easy.

One question we often get asked as evangelists is: “What is the best way to set up my door for easy entry and check-in?”

I wish there was an easy answer, but each venue, event, and entry situation is as different as the various types of events. There are, however, some simple tips to eliminate the wait and start your attendee’s event experience with ease.

Number of Attendees: We suggest one check-in person for every 100 people. If there is a multiple entry set-up like registration, wrist-banding, name-tag pick up, or on-site ticket purchases, I suggest splitting these steps up per person.

For example, one person scans tickets/checks off of list, one person helps with forms, one person wristbands.  You want as much of an assembly line as possible to keep people moving.

Designate an issue person: This person should be at the end of the check in table or area. Any guests with issues, such as misspelled name badge or missing RSVP, can move easily to the end of the table and get personalized help. This eliminates any back up at the other stations.

Get Tech-y: When using Eventbrite, we offer a free iPhone or iPad app, Eventbrite Easy Entry. If you have access to an iPhone or iPad, it is a great guest list solution tool. All of your tickets or RSVPs are in one place and you can either scan the tickets or check in by name. This allows you to see how many guests have arrived, and, post-event, who attended. This is much quicker than manually checking in on a list. (If using an iPad, make sure you have a wifi or 3G connection.)

Keep Room for Flow: If one area will take longer than another to welcome people to your event, make sure to staff that section with more people.

Also, look out for bottle-neck areas. I suggest having additional people on hand to direct folks along.

Front Door: Set up proper signage, stations and tables so check-in areas are easy to spot. Make sure all tables, chairs and other larger signage does not block the walk-way.

Lines: If you have one or more lines, make sure they are set up in the check in area where there is the most room. In case of a back up you want all guests to stand comfortably and safely. If you have two lines (i.e., VIP and general admission), whichever line is longer should be on the side with the most space.

I hope these tips are helpful when setting up your next Eventbrite event! We all know if people cannot get inside there really isn’t an event happening. Follow these tips, and folks will be inside enjoying your event in no time!

With love from the Big Apple,
Staci (@briteNYC)

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